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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Home…Three Bags and a Backpack

Now is the time! I’m finally on my way by the end of August. I’ve given notice at my mobile home park and divested myself of nearly everything (excluding my car and RV, which are currently for sale). Except for what will fit in three bags and a backpack. The little grouping below will be my home.

It’s hard to believe as I look at the picture above that these meager vessels and their contents will be everything I own in less than a month. Like a turtle, I’ll carry my home on my back (well, figuratively at least). This evening I’m conducting a trial run on the scheme – packing away all my possessions except the clothes and things necessary for survival over the next few weeks. 

It’s a busy time. I’ve got to sell both vehicle and home, finish up my final little chores like getting a post office box, closing accounts and selling a few pieces of jewelry that I’ll never wear again.

If I’m honest, and I always strive to be, I’m a little scared now that the event is literally weeks away. But I think that’s natural and the excitement of the upcoming adventure far outweighs the trepidation.

I’ve more to write before I go. So stay tuned.