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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Eureka! Paradise Found...

A tarsier, world's smallest primate.
 After trekking through the cities of Manila, Cebu and Baguio, I finally found the Philippines I was looking for - beautiful and serene - and it was only 1 1/2 hours from Cebu by ferry.

The first and most noticeable difference on this island is the lack of garbage. Most of the other places we visited were strewn with litter. Secondly, while poverty obviously exists here, too, no matter how humble a dwelling is the owners keep it neat and clean.

Most of the industry on the island is centered around tourism, first and foremost the divers that flock to the island for the crystal clear waters. Next week, I'm moving to Bohol to live for as long as the mood prevails - for the moment at a beach hotel. I'm very excited to jump into my first long-term stay.

Our adventure began with a taxi driver, Jereme, who talked us into expanding our tour from simply the tarsier preserve to a wonderful floating restaurant and river cruise. Tarsiers are the smallest primate on Earth, no larger than a man's hand and oddly cute beyond their enormous eyes.We trudged through a few hundred feet of jungle to get to them, a great experience.

Van trekking through the jungle.
Alona Beach on Bohol Island
Small waterfall along our river cruise.
Next stop was the river cruise, with a fabulous buffet of primarily Filipino food and a very good female singer. Her covers included John Denver, Frank Sinatra and a couple of disco stars.. Nothing like floating down an awesome river bouncing to "I Love the Night Life."

Finally, Jereme, our taxi driver, had mentioned a small island off of Bohol where many foreigners come to dive. We decided to drive there too, and I fell in love with the area. I knew right away this would be the first stop in my search for a retirement haven.

More beach!

I am very excited to finally make a move toward my ultimate plan and truly thrilled with where I'll be. The plan is to make day trips, perhaps once a week and really SEE this country. There are amazing places to be seen and I promise to bring you pictures from all of them.
Jereme, our fabulous cabbie, sandwiched.

A floating culinary delight!


  1. Looks beautiful! One day I'll live by a white sand beach too... Looking forward to more posts.


    1. I wasn't sure I was a beach girl, but this is definitely a place to love. Hope to see you in a cabana someday!

  2. Kathy, I'm so happy for you to be having such a wonderful trip!! Your photos are great, too. I am in love with the tarsier. It looks like a slow loris. I'll have to Google to see if they are related.

    1. I looked up the loris pics - what a cute little animal! This place is wonderful - can't wait to get back.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Cute Creature! It's amazing how much things you can see and do in one day, that you have never done in your whole life. :)

    1. Amazing and wonderful! We had so much fun that day. I especially loved the river cruise. I'll go back again. Very cheap entertainment and meal - 450 pesos, about $10 for a great buffet, singing and wonderful view.