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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Philippines in my Rear View Mirror

A lantern festival in Chiang Mai
I'm so excited to announce that tomorrow - October 1st - I'm flying to my next country, Thailand - to the city of Chiang Mai to be exact.

You can expect lots of posts from there, but I'm not done with the Philippines just yet as there just wasn't enough time to cover everything! I had so many wonderful adventures here that I'm feeling a bit maudlin about going.

However, my mission is two-fold and I found I'd fulfilled them for the Philippines. Throughout my travels I'm trying to accomplish two things: 1) to see as much of the world as I can manage 2) find a likely place for retirement away from the States.
On Virgin Island

Although I did find paradise here - the beautiful island of Bohol and the smaller resort island of Panglao right next door - and vastly enjoyed my time here, I also found it was more of a vacation and less of a lifestyle for me. The other cities in the Philippines I visited are just too chaotic and depressing outside certain sanitized areas.
Waves in a storm

I'm so glad I started here. I've always enjoyed the Filipinos I've met and admire their hardworking and kind natures. I venture forth towards my new adventures with just a tad of sadness.

Goodbye P.I.!
The shoreline off the bridge between Bohol and Pangloa Islands.


  1. I have a family friend that travels to Chaing Mai every winter. She owns a Bed and Breakfast in Minnesota. (Elephant Walk B&B) She buys a lot of things there to decorate her business. From the pics that she shares...I think you'll be in for a fabulous time.

    1. Well I just woke up from my day of traveling. It really wasn't bad. The Asian airlines treat you like royalty. But I didn't get to see much of the country except the most amazing airport ever - in Bangkok - and a lovely drive to my hotel. I'm near something called the Night Market and will venture out today to see what I can see...and eat!