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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Postcard from the Philippines

Essential tourist bag and native beauty.
This won't be much more than a collection of pictures! There' so much to show you and so little time it seems. Traveling is actually a lot of work; packing and unpacking constantly, figuring out the next step because we've basically done this trip on the fly and taking care of the little things that are so easy at home, like doing laundry.

We found the beach!
But we've had a million laughs - big belly laughs - on this trip. Like when Vanessa said "Knock on wood," and tapped her mattress - probably the hardest mattresses on earth were at our second hotel.

Ceiling at Magellan's Cross

Anyway, here are a few shots
The daily afternoon rain in Cebu!
for you!
The required fruity drink!

Magellan's Cross