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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ziggy at the Beach and Much More...

My two boys - grown and not.
Ziggy holding on for dear life!

The past few days have been exhilarating! I drove to Los Angeles and spent a couple of days with my son, Erik, and his family, hung out at the Channel Islands beach, where my traveling companion Ziggy was nearly blown away by the ocean breeze.

I then motored on down to Phoenix, where I’ve been finishing up travel chores before heading over to the PI (apparently, the stateside Filipinos refer to the Philippines this way – my attempt at hipness!) But not without my daughter, Vanessa, who is accompanying me for the first two weeks of my great adventure. 

There was a matter of getting some Philippine pesos, arranging finances and closing accounts, and last minute purchases like passport covers and space saver bags. I’m fighting the ongoing battle of reducing my luggage to two bags and a backpack if I possibly can.

Along the way, we managed to toss in a couple of excellent dinners. I highly recommend Aunt Chiladas in Tempe for a fabulous “comida” and the best guacamole I’ve ever had - incredible. My daughter’s roommate is Hispanic and he chose this restaurant when I requested authentic Mexican food. Thank you, Ramon!

The next day Van treated me and her best friend Danielle to Beckett’s Table in Phoenix, which bills itself as a New American restaurant, where I was treated to the excellent “falling off the bone” short ribs on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes. Life is good.

 I just made a reservation for our first stay in the Philippines in Quezon City just outside Manila. Good rating and only $23 a night.

So, keep tuning in! Ziggy will be appearing regularly!


  1. $23 dollars a night?! That's fabulous :)

    1. I know!! There will be followup photos showing what you get for that. I'm expecting good things though based on the reviews. Just deciding on the accommodations for the second leg of our trip.