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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Have Moneybelt and Passport Will Travel

So, this has been a week of gathering important travel things and notifying institutions I'm leaving and turning off accounts. But frankly, today I accomplished one of the biggest things on my to-do list. I picked up a money belt.

This, I'm told, is an absolute necessity. There aren't many attractive options, but since it is worn under my clothes, I suppose that isn't necessary.

I did search high and low for a passport cover with some panache and as you can see, again the options were limited. However, pink does make a statement!

I have managed to reduce my baggage to two suitcases (a carry-on and a large spinning piece) with a backpack for my in-cabin personal (a purse won't do it). As you may recall, I originally planned on THREE pieces, the now missing one being a big - huge actually - purple duffel bag. As I envisioned traveling as a vagabond, the picture of me lugging three large pieces was just too much. I don't need a lot and as a friend, who's been there, told me, "You can always buy more clothes if you get tired of what you've brought."

So, I'm ready, really ready. The next dispatch will be from Los Angeles where my daughter and I will be luxuriating at one of Westins near the airport before flying out to Manila. Again, no I'm not rich, my daughter works for Starwood and we get smoking rates.

Cushy pillows and mattress, here I come!

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