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Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Most Exciting Life Awaits

Today is a most exciting day. I've been waiting 7 months to be able to say this but I'm about to embark on an entirely new life as a expat traveler, searching the world for the perfect retirement spot, and finally doing the world traveling I've always dreamed about in the meantime.

I cannot express the great excitement I feel about this - the prospect of an incredible adventure. I've always been attracted to other cultures and ways of living and now I can immerse myself in a variety of places, peoples and customs. 

I will be writing frequently about how I came to this decision and what my process has been until the day I actually leave the United States with my passport in hand, awaiting the first customs person to stamp it. 

The bare bones of the plan are to first go to the Philippines, then Thailand, followed by Malaysia. In each of these places I expect to stay about 4 months. But I’m not tied to a schedule. Whatever happens happens. I’ll then make my way to Latin America – Ecuador and Panama, for sure. After that, I have no plan. I’m expecting to meet many other expats who I’m sure will have suggestions of places I must visit. Ultimately, I hope to find a home, a place in which I can both afford to retire and feel passionately about. 

I’ll be posting pictures and videos of my exploits once I’m on the road, but in the meantime, I will share with my readers what I’ve discovered in this process of several months.

All aboard?


  1. Bon voyage! Can't wait to read all about your travel adventures....

    - Kristi, your favorite librarian :)

    1. Thank you so much, Kristi, for stopping by! I promise this is going to be an interesting blog - with lots of pictures once I get going and even interviews with other expats.

      But I still have a few weeks of dropping by the library - yay! Love you guys at the Orangevale Library.