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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Around Town in Phnom Penh

Aeon Mall. The malls in Asia are gorgeous

The last few days involved a trip to the National Museum,  a sunset cruise, a massage, a stint to the local famous coffee shop, and a trip to the mall with a movie as the highlight! Along the way, I got a few pictures I think you’ll like.

The lovely Major Cinema theater  at Aeon Mall
I think lots of folks are interested in the cost of things, so here goes: the sunset cruise costs me $10 for about 2 hrs (free beer included), the entrance fee to the Museum was $6.75, the massage cost me $14 for 90 minutes, the movie was the 3D version of Pan (which was a hoot) at $4 with a medium coke for $1.50, my first Cubano sandwich at the local high traffic coffeehouse (the Cambodia version of Starbucks) was $3.75. By the way, my lodging costs me about $9.75 a night.
Completely enjoying the river and the beer!
Sunset on the river

The true cost of things is in transportation which runs from $3 (consistently the lowest price) to $10 depending on where you’re headed. The most expensive at $10 was about 4 miles. 

The riverfront traffic from a tuk-tuk
One thing I want to express is the everyday presence of Buddhism in daily life. Not only are temples (called wat in Cambodia) plentiful, but at my guesthouse I’ve watched as monks came by to give it a blessing, which prompted a cash gift from the manager. The people of Phnom Penh show reverence for both the religion and the monks at all times, with bows and deference and chanting. 
The Wat closest to the Royal Palace

You can encounter chanting anywhere, anytime. It’s estimated that 95% of the country is Buddhist. There doesn’t seem to be any anger here at all, not even any irritation, not that I can detect, about which I can’t help wondering if here’s a connection to Buddhism.

A hall of statues in the National Museum.
My time in Phnom Penh is nearing its end and I’m about ready to move on. While I’ve really enjoyed the city, my guesthouse especially, I’m excited to get to Angkor Wat where I will either ride a helicopter over the temple or take a hot balloon ride over it.

See you there!

Part of the facade of the National Museum
The focal point of the National Museum courtyard


  1. Gorgeous pics! ...my jaw....it's to the ground over the prices! I can't remember the last time I went to see a movie...just 'cause it's too expensive here.

    1. And if it's regular - 2D - it's just $3!