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Monday, November 9, 2015

Nothing but Kudos for Okay Guesthouse

The absolute best thing about my time in Phnom Penh has been Okay Guesthouse. I had a couple of nice experiences with my lodging so far, but Okay surpassed everything with a overwhelming sense of family and being cared for.

View of the street from inside
The manager, Paula, holds it all together and has a lovely, friendly way about her, and she’s obviously great at hiring and managing people, because all the employees that interact with customers have a sweet, solicitous attitude.

Rowen & Jess
One of the geckos that love this wall!
I met a few fellow travelers here but really enjoyed chatting with these two sisters from Leeds (UK), Rowena and Jess,  who are on an epic backpacker journey bouncing through Asia then on to the US They blew me away with their plans. Hey ladies!

So all that being said – I highly recommend Okay Guesthouse in Phnom Penh! Here’s a bunch of pictures! I’m sad to leave these wonderful people.
Saorath and Moi
Vicheth and "Clinton"

The dining room

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