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Monday, December 28, 2015

The Incredible Views of Halong Bay

I’m going to restrict my word count here to the smallest possible level because what this post is about is ALL visual. 

I got to Halong Bay, Vietnam, by bus from Hanoi which involved about 4 hours each way. Oddly enough, this bus ride didn’t bother me at all, when previous trips have felt like a burden. But I truly enjoyed the ride, both ways and was even happy to spend some time in the extravagant souvenir shops that functioned as bus stops.
The cruise ship was a nice surprise, quite elegant, and the lunch was pretty good, but by far the best part of the trip, beyond the wonder of the bay itself, was meeting terrific people and talking at length about life and travel. The ladies pictured below were my favorites.


One piece of advice, if you ever have a chance to go to Halong Bay, do the overnight trip, sleep on the ship, and have more time with these gorgeous limestone isles than I did.

Yuen, Yuen and Ha-Young,, three lovely young women from Korea.

Katie and Maureen, daughter and mom from Rhode Island

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