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Monday, January 11, 2016

Snorkeling from Chumphon

My favorite shot from Chumphon's community park
I was looking for a quiet place to settle in after noisy, busy Bangkok and the touristy party-town of Patong Beach (Phuket), both in Thailand. I was also looking for a good place to catch the overnight train to Malaysia. Chumphon - at the top of Thailand's southern peninsula - fit the bill – and how!

First, I enjoyed my 8 days in this quaint, smallish town; discovering the lovely and peaceful town park, stumbling on a tiny mall (where I had incredible Hawaiian pizza) and walking to the train station to check it out. All of these minor activities, combined with a comfortable and welcoming hotel, made my stay exactly what I needed…and then there was the snorkeling!
Love this picture of me in the sparkling water

I kind of half-heartedly signed up for the snorkeling excursion, partly because my snorkeling in the Philippines had been so disappointing and I didn’t want to spend the money on that kind of experience again.  At my daughter’s urging, I went for it and I owe her, big-time.

The trip was totally awesome. We took the plunge, face mask and snorkel in place, at four different islands, each of them very unique. We saw tons of fish, bright blue anemones the size of dinner plates and giant clams as well as incredible landscapes, some with homes secluded on these remote islands.
This is just one of the locations where we snorkeled!
I took a different kind of plunge! There was a slide onboard, for entering the sea in a bit more majestic fashion than backing down a set of stairs. I was the only passenger who chose to fly into the water via the magic blue portal (the slide) and I was by far the oldest of them all. I was more than a little proud of myself. I did it twice!

So, a few days of peace and quiet among the real Thai (not geared up for the tourist trade) and a fabulous day of adventure equals a huge thumbs up for Chumphon! It may be just what you’re looking for.

My big splash!

My fellow snorkelers

Just gorgeoous


  1. Wowzers! Great pic's! Looks so refreshing. Swimming in the sparkles...sweet thought. :)